New Technologies in Central and Eastern Europe Look Forward to Ningbo's First Show

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"In this Expo, Ningbo partners will introduce our latest research achievement - resveratrol purification technology at the China CEE industry docking Conference! " Ljiljana Gojkovic-Bukarica, Professor of Medical School of Belgrade University in Serbia, said excitedly.

Two days ago, Ningbo Central and Eastern Europe Innovation Base received the project video produced by Professor ljiljana's team. The video details the technology of purifying resveratrol from grapes jointly developed by the laboratory Professor team of medical college. It is understood that the project will make its first show in China at the China-CEE industry docking conference.

Yesterday, at a video conference with Ningbo Central and Eastern Europe Innovation Base, Professor ljiljana said that the team hopes to connect with relevant institutions in China and commercialize her latest research results. Due to the epidemic, she and her team were unable to come to China, "so she specially recorded the project introduction video, hoping to communicate with Chinese counterparts".

It is understood that the project has three characteristics: first, the polyphenols from grape pomace are extracted by efficient and green chemical methods; Secondly, the obtained resveratrol extract is used for anti-aging, anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory experiments; Third, at present, the team is developing skin and cosmetic samples containing grape berry pomace polyphenols extract and has begun to comprehensively assess its potential for anti-aging. " It is equivalent to saying that the technical means are advanced, the market demand is large, and the corresponding samples for application scenario development have been found. " The person in charge of Ningbo Central and Eastern Europe Innovation Base told the reporter .

It is reported that Ningbo Central and Eastern Europe Innovation Base has included the project into the docking scope, and will further communicate with investment funds and manufacturers interested in cooperation in the next step.

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