Poland adopts the Policy on the Development of Artificial Intelligence

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On January 12, 2021, Marek Zagórski, State Secretary in the Prime Minister's Office, and Justyna Orlowska, the Prime Minister's Plenipotentiary for Government Technology, said that Poland will start implementing the action plan for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland.

The Policy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in Poland defines actions and goals for Poland in the short term (until 2023), medium term (until 2027) and long term (after 2027), covering six main areas: society, innovative companies, science, education, international cooperation and the public sector.

According to the policy, Poland will create a special team within government agencies to track the implementation of the policy and coordinate relevant action plans.

It is predicted that the development of AI in Poland will lead to an annual growth of 2.65 percentage points in GDP. By 2030, it will automate about 49 percent of Poland's work time while creating higher-paying jobs in key sectors.

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