Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone strengthens Open Innovation to Speed Up the Pace of Economic and Trade Cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe

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Hangzhou, China, May 27th (Xinhua Huang Hui) "Since the expansion, Zhejiang has given full play to the policy overlap effect of the two national strategies of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone and China-Central and Eastern European Countries Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, focusing on Central and Eastern Europe to implement more accurate and effective opening."

In the 27th held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as "Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone") construction press conference, deputy director of the Zhejiang Provincial Free Trade Office, deputy director of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Hu Zhenfang said that the Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone has set Central and Eastern Europe as the new opening direction, and the "four ports linkage" will embrace the upcoming new breakthrough.

Release the fourth batch of "Top Ten" landmark reform achievements

On April 1, 2017, the China (Zhejiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone was officially inaugurated, since when, it has opened a non-stop path of exploration. On the spot, Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone released the fourth batch of "top ten" landmark reform results.

Hu Zhenfang introduced: "Since March, Zhoushan Area has carried out three 'first in the country' oil and gas trading reform: the implementation of the country's first single RMB-denominated, foreign customer-initiated bonded fuel oil online listing transactions; the completion of the country's first single medium and forward over-the-counter aggregated transactions, trading road asphalt 5000 tons with the transaction amount reached RMB 14.35 million; the first digital mobile terminal auction program to promote online oil and gas trading."

Among them, the "Top Ten" landmark reform achievements also include: in March and April 2021, Binjiang Block and Yiwu Block were approved to build the first national industrial intellectual property operation center in the Yangtze River Delta region and the local branch of the National Overseas Intellectual Property Dispute Response Guidance Center, which will enhance the intellectual property protection and operation. On April 13, Ningbo Zhoushan Port completed the first international transshipment consolidation business at Ningbo Port relying on Ningbo Customs intelligent logistics system, where export goods can be consolidated with international transshipment goods and then realized re-export sales, effectively reducing the operation cost of enterprises and giving them more import and export options.

"On April 21, Ningbo Area and Wuhu Area of Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone signed a strategic cooperation agreement" is also a major achievement. It is reported that the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in system innovation and reform linkage, river and sea transportation logistics cooperation and cross-border trade integration construction.

On May 10, the Yangtze River Delta Free Trade Pilot Zone Alliance was officially established and released the "Top Ten Institutional Innovation Cases". Zhejiang's two institutional innovation cases of "constructing an integrated oil and gas trading market by linking futures and cash" and "expanding a new mode of integration of maritime services in the Yangtze River Delta by supplying oil across the port area" were successfully selected.

Focusing on Hangzhou Area, on May 12, the "Digital Intelligence" online commercial mediation model of this area was selected as one of the "Best Practice Cases" of the State Council's pilot project on innovative development of trade in services, with a total of over 9,500 mediation cases received and the amount of cases involved exceeding 1.3 billion RMB. It has received over 9,500 mediation cases, involving a total amount of over 13 billion RMB .

In addition, Hu Zhenfang said, "Jinyi District has been promoting the province's 'one thing to do' reform for foreigners' work and residence permits in China, realizing 'one run at most' for foreigners, compressing the time limit by 80% and reducing the application materials by 50%, benefiting Jinyi District. The processing time has been compressed by 80% and the application materials reduced by 50%, benefiting more than 5,400 foreigners in the area where the Jinyi Area is located."

System innovation helps to fully open to Central and Eastern Europe

From June 8th to 11th , the second China - Central and Eastern European countries fair will be held in Ningbo. The reporter learned that strengthening open innovation and boosting comprehensive opening to Central and Eastern Europe is the focus of the construction of Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Hu Zhenfang said that by focusing on system exploration, Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone to promote more convenient economic and trade cooperation between Zhejiang and Central and Eastern European countries, and has made progress in stages. Data show that from January to April, Zhejiang imports from Central and Eastern Europe 4.07 billion yuan, an increase of 117%.

For example, Hangzhou Customs and Ningbo Customs actively promote "two-step declaration" "two access" and other facilitation measures to facilitate the entry of foreign goods, including products from Central and Eastern Europe into the Zhejiang market. On April 27 this year, Ningbo Customs officially completed and put into operation the website of China-CEE Customs Information Center, which has built an important platform for communication, customs clearance service, monitoring and early warning in trade between China and Central and Eastern Europe.

At the same time, Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone to strengthen open innovation, to promote deeper industrial cooperation with the Central and Eastern European countries. In recent years, Zhejiang Wanfeng Aviation Co., Ltd. has acquired the Czech Sky Pilot, introduced the design and manufacturing technology of Czech companies, and acquired the intellectual property rights of Austrian and Canadian diamond aircraft. At this year's CEE Expo, the Czech-designed, China-made Wanfeng aircraft from Shaoxing will make its debut at the domestic exhibition.

"This year, the construction of China - Central and Eastern European countries economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone will open version 2.0. As a platform, we will further play the role of the pilot free trade zone of reform to explore the road, and constantly innovate the mechanism of international industrial cooperation with Central and Eastern Europe." Hu Zhenfang said.

Zhejiang Pilot Free Trade Zone focus on five functional positions. "To build an international shipping and logistics hub, and vigorously promote the seaport, dry port, air port, information port 'four ports' linkage development" is one of them. In order to promote the regional connection between Zhejiang and Central and Eastern European countries more efficiently, on May 26th , Ningbo - Budapest, Hungary freight first flight officially. It is reported that at the beginning of June, Zhejiang will officially open a new line of Yi-Xinjiang-European Liner Jinhua-Budapest. (End)

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