I. Information of entries
Name of entry*

Countries from where core

members come*

Field of competition* Stage of the entry*
Business plan* Attach the business plan in English (no upper limit of words). The contents should include:
1.Overview of the entry (in 500 words): background, overview, introduction to the team, core technology, innovative points, patents and other research results of the entry, as well as future benefits and other spotlights, etc.;
2.Technology, products and services (product development, production strategy, industry characteristics, key technologies, etc.);
3.Market analysis: market positioning, product overview, market demand, industry and prospect analysis and prediction;
4.Competition analysis: analysis of competitors, comparison between Chinese and overseas enterprises, etc.;
5.Business model: marketing and profit model analysis;
6.Financial situation: investment, income, cost and profit etc. of main business (mandatory for enterprise group and optional for team group);
7.Fund demand: entry amount, financing amount and use.
II. Information of the entry’s core team
Core members*(Minimum three members) Add a team member


    ID card         Passport                     
Contact person of the Group*
III. Presentations (as an attachment) * Slides (presentations about entry overview, team and business plan)
* IV. *List of materials to be attached (all as PDFs)
1.Front side and back side of ID card or passport’s first page (scanned copy)
2.Participation commitment letter (annex 1) with the signature of legal representative and the common seal on it
3.Business plan in English
5.Other supplementary materials
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